Jan 14, 2012

making doughnuts with the Babycakes Donut Maker

(Note I'm still on vacation in Florida, but I wrote this whole post before I left. Isn't that prepared of me?)

My mother-in-law got my daughter--well, me--the Babycakes donut maker for Christmas, which may or may not have been my suggestion. And I should note, that Babycakes has never heard of me and has no idea I'm writing this post, so all the opinions below truly are my own.

It did occur to me, "Hmmm, another piece of kitchenware I'll have to find a place for to gather dust," but I've a feeling this one might will spared the dust part. It really is super easy to use and a jillion times quicker than making traditional doughnuts. Plus, I'm a total doughnut purist. None of this "baked" stuff, I like them deep-fried and unhealthy. But wouldn't ya' know it? These were really good and really doughnutty. So all in all, Go Babycakes. You make a good doughnut in three to five minutes.

Given my and my daughter's last minute decision to make doughnuts having not been to the supermarket in way too long, and given my daughter's indescribable picky-ness when it comes to food, I kept things simple and used only ingredients I had on hand. She wouldn't even put sugar or glaze on hers. And she loved them. I added a dusting of powdered sugar to one, thanks to the handy dandy shaker that comes with the Babycakes. (It also comes with a handy dandy prong tool thing and a handy dandy wire rack). And I mixed up some confectioner's sugar and milk to make a glaze for a couple of the other ones.

These were delicious on Day 1, less delicious on Day 2. But I can forgive the doughnut for not aging well. Next time I'm going to shake on some cinnamon sugar, maybe some sprinkles, and spice up the recipe.

doughnut recipe for Babycakes Donut Maker
(adapted from THIS RECIPE)

Prepare the Donut Maker with non-stick spray, and heat the Donut Maker according to the instructions.

Put in mixing bowl and combine:
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt

Add and blend just until the ingredients are mixed well and dough is creamy:
1/4 cup half and half 
1 large egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 Tablespoons vegetable oil

Immediately scoop the batter into a disposable decorating bag and close with a rubber band. Snip the tip and pipe a ring of dough into each of the molds. Close the lid and bake for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove from the Donut Maker and rest on a wire rack. Top with icing, confectioner's sugar or cinnamon sugar.

Yield: 9 doughnuts (which means one batch plus three since the Donut Maker holds six. I think. I think mine are slightly too big since they have those ridges around the middle, so maybe you can get 10.)


  1. I almost bought this @ Kohl's "Day after Christmas Sale"..but had second thoughts! I may have to re-think that! I love cake doughnuts and these DO look tasty :)

  2. About 10 years ago when I was home in Nebraska for Christmas, I was at the Goodwill and found a donut maker still in the box! I bought it and was SOO excited to make those precious gems when I got home.....well while I was "making the donuts" it started smoking like crazy - my mom freaked out and called 911. I was mortified when they came only to find little me, my donut maker and a bunch of black donuts. I do have the babycakes one, it rocks - these things have come a LONG way!

  3. I so want this doughnut maker, I don't need it, but I want it.

  4. Very smart of you to post ahead and hope you're enjoying your vacation :) My friend has a Babycakes too and LOVES it. Her and her kids can't stop making doughnuts hee hee. Thanks for letting us know how fabulous the Babycakes is.

  5. Definitely a gadget that was good to get for Christmas, since it feels like a luxury to just buy one! Trish, when I first turned it on it started smelling like it would catch on fire (it didn't) and I envisioned exactly your scenario!

  6. Did anyone ever try the cake pop maker. Think its by the same company. Had a donut maker years ago when the girls were little. Might have to get another one with my grandson around. lol.

  7. I haven't tried the cake pop maker, but was wondering the same thing... I'm guessing it tastes exactly the same, just a different shape, but I was wondering how sturdy they were for dipping into melts.

  8. Funny how the mini verision they make for kids really work well. Sounds like this is a great gadget to have, with or without kids. Whip up a quick batch of donuts for guests or yourself. Or at least a great rainy/snow day buster. Thanks for sharing with us. Now, if they only made a mini waffle maker?

  9. They look yummy! I wondered how this little contraption worked. Glad to see it worked well.

  10. Too funny that we had the same experience. I actually didn't realize you had a blog! I'm completely hooked! Gonna run out and get your book too. I love your pictures, ideas and writing style.


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