Feb 6, 2010

winter wonderland Oreo Cakesters

So how did these fondant covered Oreo Cakesters come about?

1. bakerella cut hearts from Cakesters last year

2. I saw said hearts and, with Cakesters on the brain, made fondant covered Cakester petits fours

3. i am baker saw said fondant covered Cakester petits fours and made her own gorgeous, perfect petits fours that are so gorgeous and perfect, I should really hang up my Cakesters and fondant

4. but then Washington, DC got buried in 2-feet of snow and I have Cakesters and fondant in my pantry


how to make winter wonderland mini cakes from Oreo Cakesters

you will need:
Oreo Cakesters
white rolled fondant
blue food coloring

wax paper
rolling pin
mini circle fondant cutter (about 1/2 inch)
circle cookie cutter (about 3 1/2 inch)

white dragees

food writers (black, orange, and any other color)

light corn syrup

*Find most of the above at any craft store. I used Wilton brand prepared fondant and white dragees from the craft store. You can also find coloring and food writers at the craft store, though I use Americolor soft gel pastes and Americolor gourmet writers (click on the links for tips where to buy).

step one: cover the Oreo
1. Knead one drop (or more, as desired) of blue food coloring into a palm-full of fondant very well. If fondant gets sticky, let sit out uncovered at room temperature about 15 minutes or until pliable again.
2. Roll blue fondant thinly, about 1/8 inch, between two pieces of wax paper and cut out a 3 1/2 inch circle.
3. Um, not really a step. This is the Cakester.
4. Place circle over Cakester and cover.
5. Wrap edges underneath. Pat down as needed to smooth and press edges in on the bottom carefully. The bottom won't look pretty, so...
6. Turn over.

7. Roll out white fondant between two pieces of wax paper and cut out a strip. I did this by using the same 3 1/2 inch circle cutter and simply cutting off the bottom third.
8. Use the strip to cover the bottom third of the Cakester (on top of the blue fondant) the same way you wrapped the Cakester with the blue fondant. Smooth with fingers as needed.

step two: make your snowman
1. Roll out white fondant between two pieces of wax paper and cut out circles with the 1/2 inch cutter (I tried to sort of smush half of them with my fingers a bit to make them bigger, so I could have a body bigger than the head.) Let stiffen about half an hour.
2. On half of the circles, draw faces with the edible writers. On the other half, draw buttons.

step three: assemble your winter wonderland
1. Dab corn syrup on the back of the snowman circles with your finger and gently press onto the Cakester.
2. Dip a tooth pick in the corn syrup and place dots where you want snowflakes. Carefully attach dragees to dots of syrup and let dry.


  1. You are such a creative genius! I always enjoy everything you come up with. I love your valentines ideas too!

  2. GENIUS!!! Love them!! Truly, a work of art!! You are the best!

  3. It's a shame once again you come up with something. That looks good enough for me to eat. If I ate Oreo. I am horrible. There must be something wrong with me. I think I am the only person in America that doesn't eat Oreo. But I still love all your work!

  4. well, gosh, I don't know that I'd say "genius" per se...OK, I'll take it! (oh, Baking Momma, no Oreos? Tragic...Alas, I'm sure you can sub any kinda li'l cake type thing. Pound cake circles? Or even cupakes.)

  5. Not only a great idea, but explained to perfection. Thanks

  6. Just found your blog and holy cuteness!!! I am totally going to follow your blog!

  7. Ohhh I love your snow man!! I don't like oreo very much but like this I will eat all!!
    You know, always your fan..

  8. Wow these are wonderful, look great and bet they taste even better.


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