Feb 4, 2010

sparkly mod cookie pops

Wasn't quite sure what to name these. And they are chocolate, too. But "sparkly mod chocolate cookie pops" was one too far.

how to make sparkly mod cookie pops

you will need:

dough (scroll to end of link for chocolate)

circle cookie cutter
lollipop sticks
disposable frosting bags
decorating tips (size "4" or "5")
rubber bands
frosting colors (any preferred)
fine sprinkles or sanding sugar (to coordinate with frosting colors)

*Find most of the above in the baking aisle of your craft store. You can also find concentrated paste food coloring there, which work well, but I prefer Americolor soft gel pastes (harder to find, but click the link for tips on where to buy, also available from amazon.com). I used the following 4 colors: Electric Pink, Electric Green, Orange and White. You'll need one bag, coupler, tip and rubber band for each color you use.

step one: bake your cookies

Prepare and chill dough according to recipe. Roll out dough somewhat thick to accommodate sticks (about 1/4"). Cut out circle, place on parchment paper-lined baking tray and insert lollipop stick about half way into cookie, making sure it fits securely (if cookie is too thin, re-roll). Fill tray, making sure none of the sticks touch each other or other cookies. Bake according to recipe and let cool completely.

step two: prepare your frosting
Prepare frosting, divide among the colors you choose and tint using your colors. Prepare frosting bags using a couplers and size "4" or "5" tips. Fill with each color and close tightly with a rubber band. TIP: use any colors you like, but I used White frosting for the non-sparkly parts, which I think worked well to contrast. (You must use "White" coloring to make white, you can't use the bare frosting.)

step three: decorate your cookies
Working with one cookie at a time, choose a color frosting and pipe design on a cookie, stripes, circle or swirl. Immediately sprinkle a coordinating color of sprinkles over cookie to totally coat the frosting. Turn over and tap off the excess. Fill remaining cookie by piping white or color of your choice in empty areas.


  1. Very cute! :) I love how you photograph too.

  2. These are adorable! I may have to give these a try. Thanks for the inspiration. :o)

  3. Just got your book in the mail this week! I Love these!

  4. These remind me a lot of the game Candyland! Maybe it just because I play it quite a bit these days. :)

  5. Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoy the book Brittany! (so very candyland, yes....mine is only barely grasping the concept of games, so I play candyland by myself with a fictional opponent)

  6. Absolutely adorable! Just looked and soft gel pastes don't come in white (via the link). What brand or style of white coloring do you use, and will it tint frosting that already has a creamy/yellowish hue to it? Thanks!

  7. Double the Giggles...you're right for some odd reason the Americolor web site doesn't show white? but they definitely have white (it's called "Bright White"). You can only buy direct from Americolor wholesale (hence, maybe why they don't have all theproducts shown?), but if you click "Links" on their site, you can find shops to buy it, or search for it on amazon.com. Bright White is a must for frosting, it will turn yellowish frosting white for sure. (but you need a good amount of it, I have the larger bottle of white)

  8. oh, I definitely want to give these a try sometime - they look almost too cute to eat, though!

  9. These are adorable!!

    One quick question, do they set ok? And how far in advance can you make them?


  10. Thanks Bird! They'll set if you use a royal icing (your own or mine on this blog, I add some stuff to it to make it yummier and it won't set AS rock hard as the traditional stuff, but definitely well enough to handle and package in bags or ship). But you must let the cookies sit out uncovered overnight, or even 2 nights if you're in a humid climate. You can make them up to a week in advance.

  11. These cookies are sooooo adorable! I plan to make them for my sister's upcoming baby shower. One question, how many cookie pops can you get out of this recipe?

  12. Depends on what size circle cutter you use. for a 3ish inch circle, about 20, Stephanie. To fit the stick, they have to be rolled a bit thicker, so you use more dough. I usually keep enough ingredients around for a 2nd batch just in case I run out of dough!

  13. I'm a novice cookie decorator, so I was just wondering if there's a trick for getting such thick swirl lines when using the 5 decorating tip. I tried these last night and my swirls were very thin and when I tried to make them wider, the swirl started to look messier.

  14. Whitney, I couldn't find an email for you, so hopefully you'll check back here! You're right that can be tricky. You can try a 10 or 12 tip which is a bigger, round opening, but the problem with that is the icing is so thick it won't dry. One trick is to simply squeeze harder and slower with the size 5 tip (if you can find a size 6, that works too). More icing will come out, making a thicker line. Also, with the swirly pops, the colored frosting that is coated with sprinkles? Double up your swirls on those. The sprinkles will cover up any imperfections and icing lines. Then, you can make a single, thinner swirl with the white if the sparkly part takes up more cookie.

  15. Hi!! Like Whitney I am also a Novice and I want to make these for my nieces birthday party. I tried making the Wilton Cookie recipe and they they spread out a lot, also with another cookie recipe I left them over night on the dining table and they were nor as hard in the morning. Can you give me any advise on why this is happening. I don't know if it has anything to do, but I live in Miami and it is humid most of the time. I love your blog! and would really appreciate any advice.
    Thank you!!!

  16. Hi Kika, there was no contact info attached to your name, so hopefully you check back here! A few tips: use butter (not margarine) in the recipe, and make sure it's slightly softened but not melted. Preheat your oven fully and make sure the temp. is accurate. Use GOOD sturdy baking trays! I line mine with parchment. Also, this is key, CHILL your dough well, very well, at least 2 hours before baking. You may also want to put the unbaked tray of cut out cookies in the fridge for 15 minutes before putting in the oven. And don't overbake... they are done when the edges are golden.


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